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President and founder of the PCN-NCP in 1984, Luc MICHEL is also after Jean THIRIART, of whom he was the nearest collaborator in the Years 1982-92, the second theorist of the “European Communitarianism”, the socialist and revolutionary doctrines for which our transnational Organization has fought since now more than four decades.

He is also one of the principal ideologists of the National Communist camp in Europe – the first economic program of the Russian KPRF is drawn from his theories – and the one who, since 1982, has given again a political expression to National-Bolchevism.

Born in 1958, Luc MICHEL has behind him more than 30 years of revolutionary and engaged militant life. A political action begun when he was 14 years old in the pro-Palestinian camp in Europe. The large axes of his fight are the Unity of Europe from Reykjavik to Vladivostok and from Quebec to the Sahara, social justice and the fight against  americano-Zionist imperialism. But also radical ecology, of which he led one of the first political expressions in Belgium of the end of the Seventies. To the  militant sympathy to the Arab and Palestinian cause, Luc MICHEL adds a constant engagement for the integration of Western Europe with the Slavic world. Engaged Slavophile, he militates for the defense of the sister countries of the European East and currently sees in Russia the last state able of true independence in Europe.

Consequent with himself, he directed also always his personal life to the East and is married with a Russian of Riga. 

Polyglot, Luc MICHEL defines himself as a European by  politics, universal for the culture – he has a horror of xenophobia and racism –, French by education. And he likes to add that “his heart beats somewhere between Moscow and Belgrade”.

Professional of the political agitation, following the example of his French, Italian and Russian models – Blanqui, Mazzini, Lenin and Stalin in particular – Luc MICHEL did  never make any compromise with the System and leads a life completely committed to the service of the European and transnational Revolution. But far from being a fanatic, he is also a specialist in the revolutionary ideologies, the Arab ones in particular.

And a lawyer dreaded in the courts, where the fight of the PCN-NCP has led him. Head of the legal Service of the PCN-NCP and legal adviser of the “Collectif Europe-Justice” (since 1987), he exerted a significant action for the safeguarding of the rights of the ideological minorities in Belgium – many victorious appeals to the Council of State and  the Court of arbitration, the Belgian constitutional council. One owes him in particular the modification of the Belgian laws on the Organization of the European elections (giving access to the small political formations to these elections in Belgium), on the Financing and the open accountancy of the political parties, Organizing the reform of the Legal Code or Organizing the vote of the Belgians residing abroad. Leader of the “Collectif anti-nazi Résistance Européenne-Europäische Widerstand”, Luc MICHEL also carried out a significant judicial action against the Belgian National Front and other neo-Nazi tiny groups, obtaining in particular from the Council of State the obtainment of the cancellation of the municipal Elections of October 1994 in Saint-Gilles (a rarity in Belgian electoral law) and  making turning down 26 extreme-right electoral rolls in 1994-95, thus depriving them of senators, federal and regional deputies. By turning down the list of the Belgian FN to the Senate in 1995, he thus deprived this party of elected members and of the parliamentary emolument, returning this formation to the tiny group stage for many years.

Luc MICHEL exerted also various functions in the field of permanent education and dealt with the reclassification of minor offenders.

Prolix author, Luc MICHEL is the author of many studies, proclamations and ideological booklets, as well as several thousands of articles and leading articles, on subjects like Geopolitics, the international politics, the ideologies, the Arab ideology – he is a specialist of Ba' athism and of Kadhafi’s Libya –, ecology, the economy or the political History. Without speaking about many lectures.

Editor, he runs the Editions MACHIAVEL, related to the PCN and publishes many reviews – in particular La Cause Des Peuples, Conscience Européenne, Nation Europe, L’Europe Communautaire – and numerical publications on line – in particular PCN Infos, Al Ba’ath Al Iraqui, Renouveau Léniniste.

He published in particular « Le Parti Historique révolutionnaire » (The revolutionary Historical Party), « Le Socialisme Communautaire »* (Communitarian Socialism) « Orientations NR » (NR Orientations), « Manifeste à la Nation-Europe » (Manifest to Nation-Europe), « Pour une Europe unitaire et communautaire » (For a unitary and Communitarian Europe), « Précis d’Economie communautaire »* (Precis of Communitarian Economy), « Sociologie de la Révolution européenne »* (Sociology of the European Revolution), « Esquisse du Communautarisme »* (Outline of Communitarianism), « Mythes et réalités du National-Bolchevisme (Russie, Allemagne, Europe) » (Myths and realities of  National-Bolchevism (Russia, Germany, Europe), « La Résistance allemande anti-Hitlérienne » (The anti-Hitlerian German Resistance), « Moammar Kadhafi et la Révolution libyenne » (« Moammar Gadafi and the Libyan Revolution ») and currently works to « Histoire panarabe du Parti Ba’ath » (Panarab History of the Ba' ath Party) (* co- author). 

Many translations in Spanish, Italian, English, German, Dutch and Russian were drawn from his work.

Luc MICHEL carried out regular columns in “Conscience Européenne” (Charleroi), “Nation-Europe” (Paris and Brussels), “Nation-Europe Hebdo” (Paris and Brussels), “Nazione-Europa” (settimanale, Rome and Brussels), “l’Europe Communautaire” (Paris), “PCN Infos” (Paris and Brussels), “PCN Infos Hebdo” (Paris), “La Cause Des Peuples” (Brussels and Paris), “La Lettre communautariste” (Brussels), “Démocratie directe” (Paris and Brussels) and “Le Quotidien du PCN” (Brussels).

His articles are often taken back – and sometimes plagiarized – in many countries and publications of all opinions. He was in particular published by “Elementy” (Moscow), “Geopolitika” (Belgrade), “Ashams” (Libya), “Artel” (Belgrade), “Al Jeezirah”, “Dualpha” (Paris), “Lutte du Peuple” (Nantes), “Zavtra” (Moscow), “Sovietskaia Rossia” (Moscow), “Europe 2000” (Paris), “Politique Info” (Paris), “Dietsland Europa” (Bruges), “Al-Fajr Al-Jadeed” (Libya).


September, 2004

From September 20 to 23’ 2004 was held in Libya the IIIrd International Convention of the world “Movement of the Revolutionary Committees”, with the participation of several hundreds of coordinators of the RCM who came from the four continents.

The RCM is a mass international organization, present in Africa, in Europe, in Americas and in Asia. Its seat is in Tripoli in Libya. The RCM gathers the partisans of the Direct democracy and its pilot experience, the Libyan Revolution. The RCM is present in 17 European countries, in the West as in the East.

This convention pointed out the large axes of the fight of the RCM against imperialism,  Zionism, neo-colonialism, liberal globalisation and exploitation. It also reaffirmed its support to Palestinian and Iraqi Resistances.

The third Convention insisted on the capital place of the European revolutionary Movement within the unitary quadricontinental Front of the people in fight for freedom and dignity.

At the end of this IIIrd Convention, Luc MICHEL received the responsibility, a new creation, of Coordinator-General of the RCM for Europe. With as priority mission the unification and the integration of all the Revolutionary Committees of Europe in a single, unitary and transnational network.

The Revolutionary Committee of the French-speaking Space, which gathers since 1997 under direction of Fabrice BEAUR on a transnational basis the RC militants of Belgium, France and Switzerland, as well as the Arabs, Turks and Africans living in these countries, will be used as model within the new unitary Network.

The whole of the European Revolutionary Committees, which acted until now autonomously  and under various names, will thus be constituted in only one organization, whose head office is installed in Brussels: the MEDD – “Mouvement Européen pour la Démocratie Directe” (in English: “Movement for the European Direct Democracy”).

The MEDD wants particularly:

- to militate for the Direct democracy as an alternative to the bankruptcy and corruption of the pseudo parliamentary democracy,
- to join again with the European roots of the direct democracy (Swiss experience, theory of incorruptible Robespierre in 1793, etc.) and to ensure their synergy with the modern pilot experience of direct democracy developed by the Libyan Revolution of Muammar Gaddafi, 
- to fight for the Peoples’ Cause and particularly the unity of thought and action between the Revolutionaries of Africa and Europe.

See : www.medd.info


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